NPRNational Public Radio,即美国国家公共电台的简称。虽然名称是“公共”电台,但是它实际上是一个完全独立的广播实体。


NPR在线收听:Stuck In A Brooklyn Shelter, Mother Of 3 Struggles To Find A Home2015-12-29
Shakira Crawford, a single mother in New York City, struggles to find a landlord who will accept her city voucher to pay rent. Mirela Iverac from member station WNYC reports.
NPR在线收听:Auto Industry Poised To Wrap Up A Blockbuster Year2015-12-29
Amid falling gas prices and easy access to credit, auto dealers sold a record number of cars and trucks in 2015. The last few weeks of the year may be one of the best times to get a deal.
NPR在线收听:A Closer Look At Obama Administration's Controversial Deportation Plans2015-12-28
The Obama administration is facing criticism for its deportation policy in the new year.
NPR在线收听:The Cybersecurity Argument For And Against Device Encryption2015-12-28
Government officials argue that encrypted communication poses national security risks. But tech companies say that making it possible to unlock devices would make the tools less secure for everyone.
NPR在线收听:Taking Back An Iraqi Territory From ISIS Control2015-12-28
Iraqi forces are engaged in battle for Ramadi, trying to drive out ISIS fighters that overtook the Iraqi city earlier this year. NPR's Linda Wertheimer talks with Alice Fordham about the offensive.
NPR在线收听:The Biggest Threats To Birds And How You Can Help2015-12-28
It's not easy being a bird. There are windows, cell towers, wind farms, habitat destruction and especially cats. NPR's Linda Wertheimer speaks with Talkin' Birds host Ray Brown about avian dangers.
NPR在线收听:Why Food Poisoning Outbreaks Appear To Be On The Rise2015-12-28
A second E.coli outbreak at the Chipotle has food safety experts perplexed. NPR's Linda Wertheimer talks to reporter Joanne Silberner about why it's been so hard to identify the contamination source.
NPR在线收听:Tree Counter Is Astonished By How Many Trees There Are2015-12-28
How many trees are there in the world? Some scientists are working on a new estimate.
NPR在线收听:2015 In Music: Playlist Refreshers2015-12-28
NPR's Linda Wertheimer likes Buddy Holly and Bill Haley, so Stephen Thompson brings her playlist up to the present day with songs from Leon Bridges, the Alabama Shakes, Elle King and Sleater-Kinney.
NPR在线收听:How Director David O. Russell Discovered 'Joy'2015-12-28
NPR's Linda Wertheimer speaks with director David O. Russell about his new comedy Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.
NPR在线收听:2015 In TV: A Couple More Under The Radar Picks2015-12-28
Linda Wertheimer talks with Slate critic June Thomas about her underrated television pick. She chose two dramas, Cucumber and Banana, about the lives of a group of gay men in Manchester, England.
NPR在线收听:The American Political Invention That 'Let The People Rule'2015-12-28
NPR's Linda Wertheimer speaks with Geoffrey Cowan, author of Let the People Rule, on Teddy Roosevelt's invention of the modern political primary.
NPR在线收听:'Our Gang' Chronicles Lives Of African-American Actors In 'The Little Rascals'2015-12-27
NPR's Robert Siegel talks to author Julia Lee about her book Our Gang: A Racial History of The Little Rascals. She chronicles the story of the African-American actors in the films. They were hailed as heroes of the black community for a time but were later reviled for their roles.
NPR在线收听:Found Recipes: 'Wurst Cakes'2015-12-27
Writer Diana Abu-Jaber recalls her grandmother's holiday cookies, which they call wurst cakes. This story originally aired on Dec.12,2013 on All Things Considered.
NPR在线收听:Rural Wyoming Town's First Mosque Sparks Anti-Muslim Rhetoric2015-12-27
The first mosque recently opened its doors in the rural town of Gillette, Wyo. It didn't get much attention at first, but then a group of locals started a Facebook group called Stop Islam in Gillette. This has been hard for a Muslim family with deep roots in the area.
NPR在线收听:The Year In Congress: How Did Republicans Do?2015-12-27
Republicans had something to prove when they took over both houses of Congress at the beginning of 2015 that they could govern. So, did they prove it?
NPR在线收听:'New York Times' Report Finds Most Americans Live Close To Mom2015-12-27
A new report shows that Americans live surprisingly close to home. According to the new analysis, a person in the U.S. lives on average just 18 miles away from his or her mother. NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Quoctrung Bui of The New York Times about his research.
NPR在线收听:Elizabeth Laird, Who Gave Hugs To Soldiers At Fort Hood, Dies At 832015-12-27
Elizabeth Laird was known as the hug lady because she met every deployment coming or going from Fort Hood and gave each soldier a hug. She died Thursday on Christmas Eve.
NPR在线收听:Song From Broadway Musical 'Hamilton' Celebrates Founding Mothers2015-12-27
As part of NPR's year-end series One That Got Away, reporter Jeff Lunden tells us about his favorite song from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. It's not about the founding fathers; it's about some founding mothers.
NPR在线收听:Encore: Among Santa And Mistletoe, A British Christmas Includes Comedy2015-12-26
For many people in the United Kingdom, the Christmas season includes a visit to a pantomime or a silly comedy musical. This story originally aired on Dec.25,2014 on All Things Considered.
NPR在线收听:Surge In Online Holiday Shopping Puts Pressure On Retailers2015-12-26
As more people do their holiday shopping online, the pressure grows for delivery companies and retailers to get Christmas packages to their destinations on time.
NPR在线收听:Not All Santa Costumes Are Created Equal: A Tariff Dispute Over Red Suits2015-12-26
Not all Santa costumes are equal under the eyes of the law. U.S. trade regulations draw a line between costumes and clothing. But it's a fuzzy line with real business consequences. Jacob Goldstein of the Planet Money podcast dons the red suit and black boots for this story.
NPR在线收听:Small Town Set To Swear In Idaho's First All-Latino City Council2015-12-26
The tiny town of Wilder, Idaho, is about to make history by swearing in the state's first all Latino city council. Latino advocates are hoping to set an example for other majority Latino communities.
NPR在线收听:Why Does Santa Live In The North Pole? A Political Cartoonist's Vision2015-12-26
NPR's Ari Shapiro interviews historian Fiona Halloran about the origins of placing Santa in the North Pole.
NPR在线收听:Encore: Born A City Kid, Bernie Sanders Drifted To The Green Mountain State2015-12-26
Bernie Sanders grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., but the 73-year-old has called Vermont home for almost his entire adult life. This story originally aired on June 20,2015 on Weekend Edition Saturday.


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